About CSL

Hello and welcome to CSL! The leading organization for Competitive Sniping. If you are new to competitive sniping here is some information about what we are. CSL is a league of competitive snipers that play in teams of 4 and play 4v4 matches in private lobbies, following our rulesets like Gun settings, perks, match settings and maps that are allowed. We also use the method known as “Quickscoping” as we do not allow hardscoping or any side arms, knifing, grenades or stuns. Our goals are to become a platform for players and teams, and to help them achieve their goals and make gaming a career. We want to be the MLG of sniping and eventually host LAN tournaments in the future. Every month we host tournaments and hold rankings/leaderboards for teams. We upload content to our youtube channel and hold streams of our matches on our accounts https://Youtube.com/Competitivesnipingleague and https://twitch.tv/CSLStreams.

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