Ranked clan isn't playing you?

Every clan is obligated to clan match regardless who challenges them, we do NOT allow anyone to camp on the rankings and not play a game. Any clan that tells you (no) make sure to send in proof and they will be dealt accordingly.

What if a clan match was a scrim not a cm?

No clan match is considered a scrimmage unless both clans agreed upon it and the clan tag is changed to [SCRM] or [NFR]

My clan merged with a ranked clan, do we get rank?

Yes we now allow teams to merge and get the higher teams rank. With that team's rank, you WILL take the series with you.

My clan got a series on a ranked clan?

The only way we will put a series up for any clan is if they show proof of every games end score. Send in your proof to any of our staff!

Breaking the rules?

If your team or the opponent team breaks any of the competitive rules the first time will be a warning and you are in charge to inform the other team that they have a warning, second offense is automatic DQ! It has to be called in game, not after! (Leave the game or end right away and send proof to Admins or mods)

The host is unplayable. What should i do?

If the host connection is bad inform the other team to end the game and switch host. If the team does not end the match, your team is allowed to leave the match and inform admins or mods that they did not want to end the game with proof stating you wanted the host to be changed.

Opposite team spectating you?

If a player from the opposite team is on your team spectating it's a warning, if they don't leave your team after that it is automatic DQ!  

Not finishing cm?

If a team you are playing doesn't want to finish a clan match and are ignoring you make sure to send your proof to any of our staff, and we will DQ them for abandonment of a cm.

Neutral host playing 3rd game?

If the neutral host is playing third game, you tell him to either spawn out or that will result in an automatic DQ!

The match was ended, do the scores reset?

If a match was ended the score does NOT reset. Scores are to be kept and finished when the game is resumed.The only exception is if the other team set up the game wrong. This must be called at the beginning of the match.

Can you pick the same map in a match?

No, once a map is picked it can not be played again for that match.

Can someone be in your game as a spectator and in a party chat?

No lots of players will call out spectating for one team while being in the other teams chat. Agree to use game chat or have no spectating allowed.


Someone is clan hopping or double rostering, Is it legal?

No it's not fair to the community having an unorganized environment where they face the same person in different clans or on secret accounts. If you notice any double rostering please inform CSL Admins or Mods.

What is a strike?

A strike is when a team cheats while being ranked. 3 strikes received for any ranked team loses their rank .

How can I upload to CSL?

Send in HD edited cms to either one of our staff or send through our form with appropriate information and we will put it next in line. How do I submit the win my team just got? Hit the Fill Forms menu tab and fill out the form with appropriate information!

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